Historic Challenge & Historic Victory: Ode to the Workers and Comrades in New York

By Comrade MC

(Image: Banner of the Amazon Labor Union, via amazonlaborunion.org)

On the 1st of April, 2022, the first Amazon facility in the United States officially won the years-long battle for unionization. Through the committed work of thousands of workers, supporters, and comrades, joining together in the united struggle for dignity and decency in the workplace, a huge victory has been won today not just for those workers, but for the whole of the working and oppressed peoples living in the imperial core.

What this movement of dedicated workers, allies, and comrades has proven today is that diverse coalitions are needed now more than ever, and when they come together under the leadership of the working people, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Come hell or high water, come million-dollar corporate campaigns of intimidation and underhanded double-dealing, misdirection, disinformation, lies, theft, and indignation, the people united behind working class leadership with a clear vision and commitment to the material improvement of our own lives, to our own raising-up and greater dignity, cannot be defeated. Not yesterday, not today, and not tomorrow.

Through the hard work and dedication of the most loving servants of the cause of the people, a movement was formed, firmly rooted in the people, and today it has won out against one of the most powerful corporations in the heart of the most powerful and malicious empire in history.

We must immortalize this day in words and songs, raise up the great example of the workers of New York, and we must now put into practice the great lessons they have learned there. Let us carry forward this historic victory and use it to build victory on top of victory; let our slogan be
Today New York, Tomorrow the World!

Let us embrace the people, build these movements, take up our united struggles, and let us continue forward to build those victories upon victories. Let us mark today as the day the tides of history brought forth the great age of workers power and peoples democracy.

This is no easy task, and the whole of imperialist power stands against us, but our comrades, friends, and fellow workers in New York have just proven for us all to see that by uniting together, setting clear goals, and staying true to the people, this power is but a paper tiger before the might we possess.

Today New York, Tomorrow the World!

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