Secretary’s Report, April 18th

Secretary’s Report
4th Meeting of the Interim Executive Committee
Virginia District, Communist Party USA

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Reports from Clubs and Collectives:

District Organizer reports: the Northern Virginia (NoVA) area is forming a new club, comprising some twenty Comrades, and with more new Comrades joining every week. The NoVA area had been organized as part of the Metro DC Club since circa 2018.
The interim planning committee will be meeting at 7pm on April 23rd to discuss.
The NoVA area faces many specific issues relevant to our work, including gentrification, ICE, and police brutality.
District Young Communist League Chair reports: work is underway to improve communication and coordination with DC Young Communist League leadership.

Club Chairman reports: the Tidewater Solidarity Club has begun forming its action groups and is continuing support for BLM. Secretary has been elected.
Club Secretary reports: There will soon be a need for Party literature specifically pertaining to our District, must be short and digestible. Will be working with the Technical Committee and Education initiative.

District Organizer reports: growth continues, but actions are slow to develop for now.

Collective Representative reports: Meetings to begin convening again soon and become recurring, growth has been exceptional, desire to begin more on-the-ground work.

Special Reports:

Education Initiative
Vote on the “Welcome Pamphlet” for new members passed.
Committee consensus regarding the further establishing of the educational program in-District.
Members of the Initiative focus-group shall deliberate and report to the Committee at the next meeting.
Emphasis on the need for ideological unity.

Executive Procedures
Committee will deliberate on the Secretary’s proposed procedural outline.
A vote shall be held within the next two months at the general District level to begin officializing the interim Executive.

Technical Committee
Chairman reports: Next meeting will be held on 5/2/21 at 7pm via videoconference.
Analysis of the current communication network used by the District; question of security versus convenience. Executive Committee consensus that security is important, but so is usability; in the event of network change, all changes must be permanent so as to maintain stability.
Minor website changes with information for each region, including clubs and collectives and their meeting dates.
Committee approves publishing Secretary’s Reports of notes from meetings.
Question regarding internal dissemination of select articles and pamphlets.

Book Club
Chairman reports: elected Secretary, meeting attendance is up, all is well.

Open Discussion on Expanding Groundwork
Consensus that expanded work on-the-ground is important, desire to analyze each region and formulate a method that will be catered to the needs of each locality.
Establishing a culture of worker-oriented action.

Next Meeting May 2nd, Secretary shall report May 7th