Gaps, by Jerry Pendergast

In London
they say “Mind the gap”
Warning riders
about the space between the train
and the platform

Commercials used to sing
“Fall into The Gap-“

Passing a Gap
I think of the gap
labor costs
and garment worker’s wages

I remember
slanting, shifting into gaps
on the line of scrimmage
for stunts, blitzes
goal line defenses
called shooting the gaps

A mannequin in the window
models pre-ripped jeans
I think of someone
re-stitching, patching
a rip from a fall
or holes from long time wear
and wash.

Will a maquila worker mannequin
ever model jeans
with bullet holes
punishment for organizing
to narrow
the gap between her life
and the maquila owners
And the Gap board of directors
who “regret the incident”?

Will we see a surgeon mannequin
trying to close the wound
in dim lightning?

Jerry Pendergast
Chicago, IL

Blue Collar Review
Journal of Progressive Working Class Literature