Secretary’s Report, June 4th

3rd Meeting, 1st Session
Executive Committee, Virginia District
Communist Party USA

Reports from Club and Collectives

  • NoVA

District Organizer reports: Face-to-face meetings of the Planning Committee are ongoing, and a committee on housing has been formed. Committee is putting together materials on the housing crisis, making contacts with regional organizations and local actions, and forming a District approach to tenant organizing.

The eviction moratorium is ending on June 30th. It is expected that this will heavily exacerbate the ongoing housing crisis.

A member of the Planning Committee is preparing a webinar on co-ops, will be pursued by the Education Committee.

  • Tidewater

Club Secretary reports: Lots of activity. Took part in a protest on 5/29 in solidarity with Palestine in Norfolk. Despite heavy rains, enthusiasm is extremely high, and further on-the-ground actions are being pursued. Further, a logo has been proposed for official use by the RWCT. 

There will be a tabling event on June 19th. 

  • Piedmont

District Organizer reports: Club formation has begun, as well as work towards forming a student organization, with an interest being placed on tenant organizing in the Richmond area. In-person meeting shall be held on June 14th. 

  • Appalachia

Representative reports: Club formation is underway, with interests being placed on tenant organizing in the Roanoke area, as well as article writing, and cultural involvement with marginalized communities. In-person meeting shall be held on July 18th.

Special Reports

  • Technical Committee 

Committee Chair reports: A new Chair shall be elected at the next meeting on June 6th. 

More articles needed for the District website. 

The position of Editor for the District website, hereto a part of the Committee Chair’s duties, shall be formed into a standalone role. 

  • Education Committee

Committee member reports: The next meeting of the Education Committee shall be held on June 12th. Work is still in its early stages, and the task at present is to formalize an outline for educational work in the District. 

  • Open Floor

Internal Affairs Committee
District Secretary proposes that the formation of an Internal Affairs Committee is necessary, namely as a way to better facilitate the application and onboarding processes, as well as to better attend to internal matters. 
Decision to floor at next meeting and review proposals. 

Mandarin study group
Appalachia collective proposes the formation of a district-wide Mandarin study program, in a casual format, under the guidance of the Education Committee.
Decision to floor for a vote at the District general meeting.
Note: proposal passed at District general meeting, 5/30

Technical Committee proposes a vote on the formation of a Discord server to serve the District for non-essential communications. 
Decision to floor for a vote at the District general meeting.
Note: proposal failed to pass at District general meeting, 5/30

The next Executive Committee meeting shall be held on June 13th
The Secretary shall report on it to the District on June 18th