Secretary’s Report, June 18th

Secretary’s Report, June 18th

4th Meeting, 1st Session

Executive Committee, Virginia District

Communist Party USA

Reports from Clubs and Collectives

  • NoVA
    District Organizer reports: Meeting on the 27th. Research and analysis is ongoing. Planning Committee has been expanded to include more Comrades from the area. Analyzing the recent Virginia election.
  •  Tidewater
    Club Secretary reports: Analyzing the pro-Palestine actions. Pamphleting. Organizing and planning further actions.
  • Piedmont
    District Organizer reports: Meeting 6/14. Club and Student organizing ongoing.
  • Appalachia (5min)
    Representative reports: Met June 6th, club formation ongoing. Recruitment has gone exceptionally well, pushing forward on organizing into an actionable force.

Special Reports

  • Technical Committee
    Representative reports: A new Chair has been elected to serve the Technical Committee for the June 2021-June 2022 term. The founding Chairman thanked the Committee for all of their hard work and stated that he looked forward to seeing things grow under the new Chair’s capable leadership.
    A new website editor was unanimously approved by the Committee.
    A joint-program with the Education Committee for the creation and dissemination of AgitProp materials has been approved.
  • Education
    Committee Chair reports: Approved formation of the joint-program on AgitPop.
    Will be meeting on July 3rd to present, discuss, and formalize proposals on District-wide education programs.
    Contact has been established with the Chair of the National Education Committee in order to coordinate relevant programs.
    Approved oversight of District Mandarin program.

Proposals & Discussion

  • District Young Communist League Chair
    The current YCL Chair for the District shall be resigning at the end of the month; pursuant to this, a discussion was held on how best to move forward. The conclusion reached by the Committee is that an open call for nominations shall be issued as soon as possible, and the election of a new YCL Chair shall take place at the next general meeting on June 26th.
  • NoVA Representation
    Pursuant to statements submitted to the Committee by Comrades in the NoVA subregion, a discussion was held around the representation of the NoVA subregion within the Committee. The conclusion reached by the Committee is that the Comrades of the NoVA subregion may, at their discretion, hold an election for another representative to sit on the Committee as a representative of their subregion. The Committee shall respect the results of such an election if one is determined necessary, so long as it is democratic.
  • Internal Affairs Committee
    Proposal on the formation of an Internal Affairs Committee for the District, principally to assist in the onboarding process of new Comrades and ensuring that they are properly integrated with their local formations. Unlike other so-called Special Committee organs functioning under the Executive, such an organ would necessarily require closer oversight from the Executive. Proposal was approved unanimously with the District Secretary serving as the founding Chair.
  • Internal Governance Proposals
    Finalized draft on internal governance procedures for the District Executive presented, outlining the election process, duties and responsibilities of the Executive, penalties for any misuses of office, etc.
    The draft was unanimously approved by the Committee, under the condition that it be forwarded to the National Committee for review before being presented to the general membership for final approval.
    Pursuant to this, the new Chair of the Technical Committee was unanimously approved to sit on the Executive in an advisory capacity.
  • General Meeting Structure
    A discussion was had around how to best further reform the general meeting structure in order to maximize member participation. Proposed and approved the inclusion of a short speaker at the beginning of each meeting on a specialized topic of interest to the District, as well as a general bisection of meetings into two sessions by the Secretary; with the first being focused on work reports and the second being focused on open-forum style discussion, debate, and voting.
  • National YCL Meeting
    The Virginia District sent several representatives to the most recent National YCL meeting. Among topics discussed in that meeting were the Little Red Schoolhouse Program, to which the District is proud to be sending three Comrades to participate, as well as the necessity for further action regarding the PRO Act. A plan of action was proposed and approved pursuant to such action, and delivered to club/collective leadership for organizing and implementation.

The next Executive Committee meeting shall be held on June 26th 

The Secretary shall report on it to the District on July 2nd

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