Secretary’s Report, July 2nd

Secretary’s Report, July 2nd

5th Meeting, 1st Session

Executive Committee, Virginia District

Communist Party USA

Reports from Clubs and Collectives

  • NoVA

District Organizer Reports: In response to the previous meeting of the Executive Committee, Comrades from NoVA have reported that they shall be electing a new Executive Representative soon, to serve for the remainder of the current session. Analysis of the housing situation is ongoing, as well as club-building. With regards to the former, a presentation has been made, which it is hoped may be shared further. The planning committee has been further expanded, and it is expected that with the addition of another representative the NoVA club-building process may be further expedited.

  • Tidewater

District Chair Reports: A new Club Secretary has been elected. Local tabling and other actions are continuing. The tenant rights issue has likewise been raised as an important one, with many members likewise coordinating with the NoVA-based tenant organizing group.

  • Appalachia

Representative Reports: No news, meeting in person on the 18th of July. Arrangements are being made, shall receive the District Organizer on the day of the event.
Growth has continued at an exceptional pace.

  • Piedmont

Representative Reports: In-person meeting held on June 14th, work moving forward. Club and Student Org formation continuing.
In response to the developments in NoVA, and the continued growth of the Piedmont Subregion, a consideration shall be made to likewise electing another Executive Representative.

Special Reports

  • Technical Committee

Representative Reports: Work is ongoing, with new and continuing projects being brought forward as the new Chair is becoming more acquainted with the role.
The Committee reports its endorsement of as a tool for workers to send letters to Mark Warner in support of the PRO Act.

  • Education Committee

Chair Reports: The Committee has expanded its membership and shall be meeting July 3rd to discuss and vote on its foundational proposals.

  • Tenant Organizing Initiative 

District Organizer Reports: Meetings and analyses going well. Has developed into a District-wide initiative with members participating from across the Commonwealth. Now moving to integrate initiative into local Club/Collective actions.

  • PRO Act Initiative

District Organizer Reports: The PRO Act is a rare piece of legislation in that it would be objectively beneficial to the working people of the United States; it would remove the ‘right to work’ nonsense that’s been used as a cudgel against Unions for decades. It is currently being held up by Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), Joe Manchin (WV), and Mark Warner (VA). 

District Secretary Reports: Our District has been called on to take part in actions supporting this legislation, and an outline for how to do this has been prepared, titled “Summer of Struggle.” One very useful tool for this will be the aforementioned, which allows users to contact Mark Warner from the comfort of their phone. All clubs and collectives in the District are encouraged to lead their members in utilizing this tool, as well as reporting to the Secretary immediately on local organizations within their area of operation with which a coalition may be formed in order to support the PRO Act.

Proposals & Discussion

  • Internal Governance Proposal Update

The proposed internal governance procedures by which this Committee has been operating have been forwarded to the National Committee for analysis and critique. The procedures, as well as the National Committee’s response, shall be presented to the District General for a final vote once received.

  • Note from the Secretary

Following the meeting of the Executive Committee, a District General meeting was held. Turnout was high, and standard reports were given. At this meeting a new District Chair for the Young Communist League was elected by unanimous vote by the Comrades present.

We welcome the new YCL Chair to the Executive and look forward to working with them to bring the fight to the capitalists.

Forward, together!

The next Executive Committee meeting shall be held on July 11th

The Secretary shall report to the District on July 16th 

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