Secretary’s Report, July 16th

6th Meeting, 1st Session

Executive Committee, Virginia District

Communist Party USA

Reports from Clubs and Collectives


Representative Reports: Organizing meetings ongoing. The NoVA subregion has elected a new representative to the Executive Committee. The process of drafting and approving a club constitution and bylaws is going, as well as the continued development of local coordination and communication. Involvement in local actions is increasing. Official club founding is set for September 1st, the next meeting will be August 1st, and a convention for all members of the subregion will be held on August 21st. 


Representative Reports: Some local events have been postponed. Local formation has continued to grow, and development is ongoing. Participation in Cuba solidarity and workers’ rights actions. 


Representative Reports: First in-person meeting will be held on the 18th, moving forward with club formation. Growth has been immense and is ongoing. 


Representative Reports: In-person meetings and organizing are ongoing, centering around direct local actions within the community. Multiple long-term projects being evaluated and considered.

Special Reports

Young Communist League (YCL)

Chair Reports: A new District Chair of the YCL has been elected, with their stated goals for their term being the further development of District educational programs and increasing fraternal relations with Comrades across the board. A special emphasis has been placed on establishing good organizational practices as well as encouraging participation in study programs to build the next generation of Communist Party cadre. 

Technical Committee

Chair Reports: Personnel changes have been made in order to further improve the functioning of the Committee and improve communications. A joint AgitProp program has been established with the Education Committee and District YCL.

Education Committee

Chair Reports: Draft outlines for the establishment and development of District educational programs have been reviewed, and a final outline shall be proposed and voted on at the next meeting on the 7th of August. Outlines included the centralizing of educational work in the District, establishment of multiple programs rather than a singular one, and the need for continued support for Comrades at the local level in order to advance their foundational knowledge of Marxist-Leninist theory and praxis, as well as party history and functions.

Tenant Organizing Initiative

District Organizer Reports: All areas of Party operation in the District are facing an impending crisis with the end of the eviction moratorium. Analyses on the question of housing are being pushed forward and shall be published, as well as coordination with local formations to begin taking part in actions wherever possible; supporting already-existing campaigns, etc.

PRO Act Initiative

District Organizer: As the Virginia District of the Party, it is our responsibility to put pressure on Mark Warner. He is one of three Democrats currently holding up this legislation that would effectively overturn Virginia’s reactionary “right to work” laws and render historic protections to labor organizing throughout the country.

District Secretary: A key aspect of our work in this area is for club and collective leadership to coordinate their local formations and facilitate direct action as possible; using, attending protests when possible, etc.

The next Executive Committee meeting shall be held on July 25th

The Secretary shall report on it to the District on July 30th 

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