Official CPUSA Virginia Statements at Loudoun County School Board

On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, members of the Virginia district of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) gave public comments at the Loudoun County School Board meeting in full support of Draft Policy #8040. These comments are transcribed in full below.


“I am a nonbinary college student. I am also the chair of the Virginia Young Communists League (YCL), here representing the Communist Party of Virginia. As a nonbinary student myself with many trans, nonbinary, and gender fluid peers, I can imagine the impact that it would have if my school were to disrespect ignore my identity. That is why I am here to encourage you to vote ‘yes’ on 8040 to support transgender and gender-nonconforming rights.

“The top cause of death in children is suicide, and the risk of suicide is increased exponentially among young LGBTQ+ folks. This risk goes up the less support that they get from family, friends, and institutions around them. Voting ‘yes’ on 8040 will give the youth the support that they need to carry on and feel safe in their own schools, and in their own skin. Thank you.”


“I’m a parent in Sterling, speaking officially for the Virginia district of the Communist Party in unanimous support of 8040. But now, sadly, thanks to Chris Rufo and his ilk, I have to address CRT. When Google searches for this obscure legal term skyrocketed, Rufo decided to take credit for the sudden spike in March, saying their goal was, “driving up negative perceptions [of CRT]. We will turn it toxic, as we put various cultural insanities under that brand category. Our goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘CRT.’”

“This debate is bad faith propaganda; so of course it worked! States are banning discussions of race in schools, including any mentions of slavery, civil rights, and even MLK Jr. It’s clear that antiracism teaches kids not to hate themselves, but to hate the systems of oppression which, in America, are proven to be based on race. We urge the school board to teach the facts of history to our kids, and condemn this ahistorical agenda by ensuring that racism isn’t allowed to change the facts taught in the curriculum. Thank you for your time.”

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