Statement from the District Labor Commission (3/15/23)

Official Statement from the Labor Commission of the Virginia District of the Communist Party USA

Comrades and friends,

Governor and anti-worker extremist Glenn Youngkin in conjunction with his Department of Education is pushing for new education standards for history classes throughout the Commonwealth. These new proposed standards include the blatant erasure of the central role the American labor movement has played in the history of the United States. These provisions include:

  • Removing lessons on the impact of the industrial revolution on working people
  • Removing lessons on the rise of organized labor in this country
  • Concerning language on the victories won by organized labor throughout its storied history
  • Concerning language on the nature of free market capitalism

We unequivocally and wholeheartedly condemn Glenn Youngkin’s efforts to undermine and erase the history of organized labor from school curricula. The history of our Party is closely tied to that of the labor movement and the many victories the working class has achieved. That history must not be erased! 

We support and endorse the collaborative proposal endorsed by the labor movement in Virginia, which not only includes resistance to these changes but also the addition of numerous other aspects of labor history to the curriculum. Details on that proposal can be found at:

The legacy and history of the working class must be taught!

In fullest solidarity,

Labor Commission, VACPUSA

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