AdvanSix Workers Still on Strike

AdvanSix Workers Still on Strike

At least 340 workers with United Steelworkers have been on strike since April 6th, after long negotiations about wage increases and on-the-job safety had failed at AdvanSix, a chemical plant located in Hopewell, VA. This chemical plant produces caprolactam, which is the primary feedstock in the production of nylon polymer and plastics. AdvanSix is also known for having 66 environmental violations since 2016, going on to say “we weren’t aware” of the violations. 

The striking workers are drawing in tons of support from their community; however, they’re asking for more people to join and walk the line. As of today, May 1st, 2023 the negotiations have not succeeded, and they are back to the picket line. “We just want a fair contract” said one of the striking workers, who have been on strike since their contracts expired on April 6th. Anticipating the contracts expiration date, the workers had been negotiating with the company since March 27th.

The CEO of AdvanSix, Eric Kane, seems to be blaming the union, rather than taking responsibility for pushing his workers to strike due to unsafe working conditions and wages. As of today, the workers are striking in 4-hour shifts, covering from 5 AM to 8 PM. Just last week, the CEO called on the union to come to terms with an updated contract, even if that means the workers aren’t having demands met, which the union rejected. According to the International Chemical Workers Union, “AdvanSix negotiated a wage adjustment for about half of the workers, with the other half receiving a 0% wage increase.” 

As of recently, both parties have agreed to meet with a mediator to help with negotiations.

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