My Experience at the November 4th Pro-Palestine March

On the afternoon of November 4th, 2023, a comrade and I attended the pro-Palestine march in Washington DC. I donned an Adidas sweater and gray pants alongside a face mask (due to concerns around both doxxing and COVID). About three blocks from Freedom Plaza, traffic was already heavily congested and we saw Palestinian flags and pro-Palestine signage lining the streets with protesters. My comrade and I hopped out of our Lyft and began following the crowd of fellow protesters to Freedom Plaza.

It was the largest protest I’d ever been a part of, with estimates ranging from 40-thousand to 300-thousand attendees. Having attended a pro-Palestine march on October 8th in DC with approximately 1000 attendees, this protest felt like “the real thing” – a true mass protest with potential to ripple across international media outlets. 

Once in Freedom Plaza, surrounded by such signs as a swastika = Israeli flag, “Genocide Joe”, and my own “No More $ for War Crimes”, I felt surrounded by like-minded individuals. As a Marxist, I was proud to see how many speakers were influenced by Marxist ideas. Speakers from indigenous tribes, collectives, socialist movements and leftist community organizations. I noticed the Party for Socialism and Liberation playing a major role in organizing and moving protesters around at Freedom Plaza and I was aware of fellow CPUSA members in attendance as well.

After several speeches, including a surprise speech by Macklemore, we walked from Freedom Plaza to the White House. The high-rise hotels and buildings had heads poking out of windows and onlookers on rooftops, it was a spectacle. It was a powerful experience, hearing chants ranging from “Genocide Joe” and “Fuck Joe Biden” to “Viva Viva Palestina” and “Ceasefire Now!” After 30 or so minutes of marching to White House, we arrived. We continued chanting there for about an hour after arriving until leaving at about 7PM. Overall, I am exceedingly glad that I was able to be a part of the historic march.

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