Sip-In at Courthouse Arlington Starbucks

ARLINGTON — Starbucks union organizers held a sip-in at the Courthouse Arlington Starbucks in Northern Virginia this past Thursday, October 20, from 8 AM to 3 PM. The organizers gathered to demonstrate community support for the baristas, who are organizing their union with Starbucks Workers United. Customers ordered coffee using the name “Union Strong” and […]

The Situation In Haiti: Regarding The Recent Uprising

The Virginia CPUSA is once again saying “Hands Off Haiti.” The Fallout From Last Year’s Assassination Continues, Even Now In an article from last year, the Virginia CPUSA expressed outrage over the possibility of some sort of military intervention in Haiti after the coup that took place there last year. A year has passed since […]

Is Abortion On the Chopping Block in Virginia? The Communist Party USA in Virginia Discusses The Implications of The Recent SCOTUS Ruling For The State As Well As The Country As Whole

Even as countries like Sierra Leone are making progress by decriminalizing abortion, the United States of America has regressed on the issue of abortion by declaring Roe v. Wade unconstitutional, doing away with abortion as a constitutional right. An Ineffectual Democratic Administration And Growing Reactionary Forces The White House declared the Supreme Court decision a […]


I was born into a world, A world with a sickness, That sickness is racial bias, Well meaning family would tell me, Who was the enemy, Society would repeat, Old prejudices and bigotry, One day I realized, These people are my brothers, My sisters, My siblings in this long struggle, They don’t have to look […]

Historic Challenge & Historic Victory: Ode to the Workers and Comrades in New York

By Comrade MC On the 1st of April, 2022, the first Amazon facility in the United States officially won the years-long battle for unionization. Through the committed work of thousands of workers, supporters, and comrades, joining together in the united struggle for dignity and decency in the workplace, a huge victory has been won today […]

Columbia Gardens Anti-Eviction Protest

By Cde. TN Long On March 11, residents of the Columbia Gardens apartments in Arlington, VA, held a rally to protest their upcoming mass eviction at the end of the month. The rally was organized by local immigrant rights group La ColectiVA and also attended by members of the community, CPUSA, PSL, and Our Revolution. […]

The War in Ukraine: An Analysis

The Maidan movement sparked the beginning of a conflict that still has not ended. Between 2014 and the Russian invasion, …

On Comrade Engagement and the Revitalization of our Clubs

(Directive prepared by the District Chair, VACPUSA) Dear Comrades,             This document is intended to outline the Virginia District’s discussions on maintaining the engagement of our Party members, as well as revitalizing club action. This topic was discussed at the most recent open session of our District Committee on March 12th, and it was put […]